Timepage Membership

Do I have to pay again if I purchased Timepage prior to the change to membership?

No - if you already paid for Timepage prior to December 14th 2017, you are eligible for a complimentary membership. It’s a token of our appreciation for you being an early customer. You can claim your complimentary membership simply by creating an account in Timepage. 

Why is it telling me to become a member when I've already purchased Timepage?

  • It doesn't matter which email you use to sign in to Timepage itself, but please ensure you are signed into the App Store with the same Apple ID that you used to originally purchase Timepage, otherwise we will be unable to validate your purchase.
  • If you are connecting from behind a firewall or via special networks (e.g. China) then you may need to try an alternative connection. We've found the following VPNs to work particularly well:
    a)  ShadoWingy
    b)  Angel VPN (not available on the China App Store).
  • To refresh your App Store receipt and attempt to fix the issue, please try opening this link on your iPhone/iPad: timepage://diagnosticReport It may help to completely restart the app after this by swiping up on it from the app switcher and starting it up again.
  • If you've tried signing up to claim your membership and checked the above steps but it still doesn't work, please send us an email directly from the Help/Support screen inside Timepage and we'll be able to active your membership manually.

Will I be charged automatically for complimentary membership?

No, you will never be charged automatically in the future for complimentary membership.

How long does my complimentary membership last?

There is not currently an end date for complimentary memberships and we have no plans on changing that.  We are not able to promise they will be available indefinitely because that is simply not practical, but if there any changes they will come with plenty of notice.

What does time-limited offer mean?

This refers to the fact that the complimentary offer is only available to customers who previously purchased Timepage, prior to December 14, 2017.  Our system will recognise your previous purchase, but the longer it goes unclaimed the more open it is to issues - we therefore want to make sure everyone eligible gets their complimentary membership claimed in a timely manner. We will provide ample notice if and when we need to close the complimentary membership claim process, so no need to worry!

Should I register with the same email as my Apple ID?

This is up to you, it isn't required to use the same email.

Why did Timepage change to a membership?

We are committed to creating a useful, delightful and stable product.  To uphold this commitment, the best way forward is for our team to have an ongoing relationship with you.  It helps us plan for the long term and provide new features you want, reliability with new hardware, quality assurance, maintenance and more.  It also allows us to provide ongoing services like accurate weather data which is costly to obtain. Most of our customers use Timepage many times a day and considering this, we think our pricing is modest.  Your calendar data is not locked into Timepage and remains available via your cloud provider regardless of whether you have an active Timepage membership or not.
With a single membership, you can now access Timepage on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad as a single universal app.  Our previous iPad app is now replaced with the universal app. You no longer have to purchase multiple apps for access on each device.
We are now able to offer a free trial with no feature restrictions. After the trial period ends, Timepage will become read-only but all your data is safely stored with your provider.

Could you release paid updates instead of subscription?

The App Store does not have any facility for paid updates to apps.  Some publishers attempt to navigate around this by releasing new versions as separate products but this can be inefficient and neglects development of the existing versions, leading to a poor experience.  We think it is better for our customers to always be provided with the latest features, not have to wait until a big new version justifies a new sale.

When will I be charged?

Your payment will be charged to your Apple ID when you confirm your subscription. You will be charged automatically at the end of the current subscription period unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Cancelling your subscription can be done at any time from your Account settings in the App Store app.
You will not be charged automatically at the end of the trial period unless you have explicitly gone through the standard App Store purchase process for a paid membership.

Is there a trial version?

Timepage comes with a 7 day unrestricted trial. You can download the app and start using it without creating an account.

What happens to my data if my membership or the trial ends?

Your calendar data is never deleted by Timepage, regardless of your membership status. Without an active membership, you can still use the app in read-only mode, without weather features. Calendar data will remain synced to your provider of choice (iCloud, Google etc).

How much does membership cost?

For the current price in your local currency, please check inside Timepage under Membership Options.

Do I need to subscribe separately on my different devices?

No, a single subscription provides access to the app on all devices that it is available (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch).

If I uninstall then reinstall Timepage, do I have to pay again?

No, once you reinstall Timepage, please sign in with your existing account.  Ensure you sign in with the account you purchased a membership with.

Is Actions included with Timepage?

Actions is a standalone product which requires its own membership beyond the free trial.  If you have Actions, you can use the integration with Timepage that shows your tasks on your calendar. You can sign in with your existing Timepage account to keep your data synced.

Are there any discounts available for students?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer discounts at this time.

Does the membership renew automatically?

Yes, your membership will automatically renew so you do not need to do anything.

Can I buy the old paid version of Timepage?

No, Timepage is now exclusively a membership service.

How do I change or cancel my membership?

You can do this directly from the App Store app by tapping on your Account, then Subscriptions. See the Apple support article about this here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

Is Timepage compatible with iOS Family Sharing?

Unfortunately, Apple does not currently allow family sharing for subscriptions. See the Apple support article about this here:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203046

Who can I talk to about billing?

All billing is handled directly by Apple, you can contact their App Store support for assistance here https://support.apple.com/apps

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