Smart Writing Set Compatibility

If you own a Moleskine Smart Writing Set, it works with Apple Calendar and Google Calendars independently via the Moleskine Notes app and Apple Calendar itself. Once you have connected your Smart Writing Set and your iOS settings with your calendar provider, Timepage will display your events. Here is how it works:

1. Download and install the Moleskine Notes app.
2. Register your pen with the app - step by step instructions are in the app itself.
3. Go to "Menu -> Settings" in Moleskine Notes and choose "Authentication Center".
4. Tap the switch next to the relevant type of Calendar.
5. Give the Moleskine Notes app permission to access your Google Calendar.
Now, as long as you've also got your calendar appearing in the Apple Calendar app, then you should see your events written in the Smart Planner appear in there. If that's working, then you can also use it with Timepage. If not, then you need to get that working first before looking at Timepage because it will not work either.
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